I Want Attention!

The newest issue of WIRED Magazine caught my attention. I had never read their publication, but the headline about pain piqued my curiosity. I noted the key words on the cover so I could find the article and read it later.
It was an interesting piece, but afterward I found other articles on their site worth reading. I felt tempted to email the site to myself and bookmark it. That’s what I do when I find a site that has good content.
And there lies my (our) problem: over consumption.
It’s my inattentiveness or curiosity but I read a lot of articles on various websites. My bookmarks tab has food sites, music sites and lots of articles. Sometimes I tend to stay on one site and read whatever looks appealing. After doing that time has flown by!
But spending my time on the internet like this is not good for my stress level. I say stress because I look at my bookmarks and start to feel anxious. It’s a lot of information saved for later.
But here’s the real problem: So many publications are covering the same topics. So the questions become, which site do we go to for news? Which publication is best for business? Every website is competing for your attention, but how do they get you to ONLY go to their site and trust them? Do you choose the all-inclusive site like The New York Times, or a specialty one to read about science? And if you do the latter, what makes you choose Scientific American over NPR? Or do you read both?
How do we choose where to focus our reading on topics that interest us? What makes a website good enough for us to keep going back to it? I wrestle with the answers to these questions whenever I catch myself spending a few minutes too long on a website.
The internet can be a great learning tool, no doubt. (And a distraction!) Google can find anything you’re looking for in a second. But whose information do you trust?
This reminds me, I should clean up my bookmarks.


I didn’t get the Where Hawaii editor position. I wasn’t too sad about it actually: At the time of the interview it felt like the right job, but after thinking about it I didn’t really want it. (Besides, I knew that I didn’t get hired because it took two weeks for him to get back to me). My outlook on applying for jobs is, apply and move on (if I get an interview then it’s interview and move on).

So I’m back on the job hunt and found one for a digital sales associate at the biggest news outlet in town. Problem is that I only have two references and they require three. Ugh. But I think I’ll go for that one and see. Never thought to go into broadcasting…

Spring ’14 Schedule

I start school on Jan. 21, and while I want to stay home and play all day, I do feel boredom setting in.

Here’s my Spring ’14 schedule:

MCOM 630: Seminar in Analysis of Media Performance
JOUR 460: Magazine Journalism
ENG 412: Literary Magazine

I’m excited about the two undergrad classes, since they’re looking at magazines but two different types, and since 460 is an “activity,” it’s even more exciting!! I can’t wait to start “working” in the medium that I want.

Also, I decided to get a job as a staff writer for my campus newspaper this semester. And if I ever get an email from ALIST about me being an entertainment editor, that’s gonna be good: I can put editor on my resume. (Never done it before).

Even though I have some anxiety about having to go back to living in that dang apartment, at least I’m excited about something right?


Only a month (I think?!) left of my first semester of grad school and since my last post, a lot has happened. Let me give you a quick rundown:

-Been slacking on participating in class…not good
-Yesterday SPJ had our first student faculty mixer, and I met a journalism professor who used to live in Hawaii, in my hometown! Besides talking about Hawaii, he suggested I take his class so I can really learn how to write feature stories. I hope that I can since it’s a 300 level class…Anyway, he told me to show him pictures of my hometown if I can.-For the past two, three weeks my cohort and I have been getting ready for our global pop up about poverty happening THIS SATURDAY! My partner and I are going to the LA Regional Food Bank to interview volunteers and community members. PLEASE follow us @PopUpNewsroom, my Twitter @JenYamada (#livepoverty) for live tweets from me and my classmates, as well as from students in the UK, India, and Taiwan.

Okay, I guess that’s all that’s been happening haha, but still, it’s been crazy.