I went on my first camping trip over Memorial Day weekend. Four of us went to Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Area and it was fun!

Since it was a weekend to unplug and be with nature, I didn’t take a lot of photos, but there was no need to. It was great making memories without photos.

Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Area houses Aiea Loop Trail, with ten campsites scattered around the park. Some campsites had amenities such as bathrooms and showers, while others had nothing but greenery. Thankfully, we had the former, and our site was at the end of the trail.

Our tent

We arrived Saturday afternoon and spent the next 48 hours eating good food (someone ate more s’mores than I can count), relaxing, getting rained on (twice) and one Target trip (Sunday).

There were seven designated areas on the campsite, each having at least one picnic table. I was wondering how many people were going to there and it was quite a bit! The largest group had the prime spot, where they set up a covering and a large fire. It was populated, but the campsite was large so no one was invading another group’s space. I liked that there were a lot of people around.

Some of them made us laugh. Like group grilling over the sewer line. (Actually, that just made us concerned).

But, it was a sight.

During the day it was hot, but at night I needed to wear a jacket. In fact, I wore my jacket over my long-sleeve PJ’s.

Despite the cold, we saw the stars, and they were beautiful.

The…fifth, fourth time making s’mores?

Because of the rain early Sunday morning, it was too muddy to hike the trail. However, the four of us got our exercise walking to the entrance of the trail head looking for dill. (A friend and I went on a walk Saturday night and smelled it, so we brought the guys to explore but the smell was gone! They thought we were crazy).

Even though camping was fun, I was SO ready to go home and SHOWER. I think we all were. Two days in the “wilderness” was enough for me. I joked that camping was going to be a once a year affair. I’m not that much of an outdoorsy person, but wanted to try camping.

And my OCD was (mostly) kept in check. I was hesitant to go camping because of that, but I decided that I wasn’t going to let it prevent me from doing things.

And I didn’t.

Random Sunday: Forms of Exercise


Exercise. Not my favorite activity.

At least, not in the traditional ways.

Jogging? Nope. Going to gym? Yuck! (Just thinking about how many people used the treadmill before me is scary). Personally I applaud people who will get up early and go on a morning run, or hit the gym before work, because it takes a lot of motivation to do so!

How do I get my sweat on, then? By doing (easy to moderate) hikes. Being out in the open with scenery to look at is better than staring at a wall or risking falling from running downhill. Yes, there are dangers involved with hiking–such as slipping off the side of the mountain if you’re not careful–but I’ll take climbing over rocks and streams over strenuous exercise any day. Plus, I have a nice time getting fit. It doesn’t feel like exercise. I also walk every so often.

What do you do for exercise? Do you walk, hike or swim? Or do you like the traditional gym? Let me know in the comments!

Random Sunday: Getting up Early


I’m not a morning person. I move like a turtle and am constantly yawning while driving to work. After 9am I’ll be ready to go, but before then, no way. Unfortunately, my body is used to waking up early (for work I’m up at 5am). On weekends I get up at 7am (who does that?) I like my sleep but my body has other ideas.

But there are people who are early risers: who exercise at 6am or love waking up with the sun. In Hawaii people are up early because that’s the prime time to go hiking (not as hot and crowded), fishing (the best spots aren’t taken) and, if heading to the North Shore for a surfing competition in the winter, to beat the traffic and get a prime view of the action.

So the early bird does get the worm…if the bird REALLY wants it. Me, I don’t want it but there’s nothing I can do.

Are you a morning person? What’s your reason for waking up early? Let me know in the comments!