Been MIA for a while! Sorry!

But, 2018 has been a bunch of highs, and a constant low is threatening to shroud all of the positive things going on. I alluded to the break up last month, when it was still fresh. Unfortunately, I widened the wound after last week and feel like I’m back at the starting line. It’s like my progress went from 10 to 1.

And while my heart is (again) hurt, sad, and angry, my mind is trying very hard to get the heart to wake up and move on. I know I can’t force it and that it will take time, but the fact that the rational part of me is popping up makes it slightly easier to let go.

One thing that’s helping me get through this is John Mayer’s music. I’m thankful that he’s had so many breakups (never mind that he was the dumper in…most of them?), and made music that I need right now.


Finding Yourself

yoga with adriene

I subscribe to Yoga with Adriene’s weekly letter, and it’s sent to my inbox every Sunday. I like reading her letters because they’re encouraging and make me want to get on the mat.

Today’s letter was no different, and I needed her kind words.

And it was the following quote that hit me:

“Our love, which is our real self, doesn’t die, but merely goes underground.”

Whether you’ve lost yourself in the shuffle of work or other stressful situations, your real self is still there. Your self-esteem might’ve taken a hit, but it’s important to build it back up, and, once you do, you find who you are again. Adriene likens this quote to yoga, and that she uses the practice to find herself.

And, in a way, through the bending, breathing, and (sometimes) toppling over, yoga is doing the same for me.

When life makes you lose yourself, how do you find you again?