Random Sunday: Getting up Early


I’m not a morning person. I move like a turtle and am constantly yawning while driving to work. After 9am I’ll be ready to go, but before then, no way. Unfortunately, my body is used to waking up early (for work I’m up at 5am). On weekends I get up at 7am (who does that?) I like my sleep but my body has other ideas.

But there are people who are early risers: who exercise at 6am or love waking up with the sun. In Hawaii people are up early because that’s the prime time to go hiking (not as hot and crowded), fishing (the best spots aren’t taken) and, if heading to the North Shore for a surfing competition in the winter, to beat the traffic and get a prime view of the action.

So the early bird does get the worm…if the bird REALLY wants it. Me, I don’t want it but there’s nothing I can do.

Are you a morning person? What’s your reason for waking up early? Let me know in the comments!


Career Wednesday: Polishing/Learning Skills


Recently I decided to relearn HTML and tackle CSS, because to be a journalist it’s important to have technical skills like how to edit video and publish on different social media platforms. Knowing how to create a website from scratch is very useful as well.

Interpersonal skills are great and all, but technical skills are important too, especially in the digital age. Knowing how to do a bunch of different things makes you more marketable, like being bilingual.

What technical skills are you currently relearning/learning? Are they useful in your career? Let me know in the comments!

Career Wednesday: What to do on a Slow Day at Work


For the past two weeks it’s been slow in my department. If there was any work to be done it was completed in small increments, like half an hour. What my coworkers and I did to pass the time was talk to one another. (That wasn’t, and still isn’t, a bad thing.)

I realized that you can only talk to someone for so long before you run out of things to talk about, so I followed a coworkers lead and brought a book to read during long stretches of doing nothing. I figured that slow days were going to be perfect for catching up on reading, and thankfully I’m right. Once there’s a lull in the day I’m reading my book.

I also Googled ‘things to do on a slow day at work’ and came upon quite a few articles with suggestions, like this one. I like all of the tips, especially the learning one because I’m a big fan of education and just learning stuff for the sake of learning is great.

What do you do during a slow day at work? Let me know in the comments!

Career Wednesday: Eating Lunch with Coworkers


I eat lunch at my desk. I know, it’s a bit sad, but most of my coworkers are off doing their own thing at lunch anyway. Once in a great while I’ll take a walk with my coworker friend but she’s out of the office most days (during the first few weeks of work we ate lunch together though). I miss those days…

I digress. I like my lunch hour to myself actually, but it’s nice to have someone to share it with sometimes. Plus it goes by so quickly that before I know it it’s back to work so I might as well just stay at my desk (am I crazy?)

How many of you ask coworkers to lunch? If you do, how often does it happen?