Inspiring Talks

Once in a while I watch Ted Talks. And they can’t come at a better time for me: when I’m down, there’s always a video of theirs that brings me back to normal. Through Youtube or their website, I enjoy them. And it’s easy to lose track of time, especially if you watch the videos that are more than 15 minutes long.

These videos are inspiring and thought provoking. There are multiple videos on the same topic so they can be repetive, but there are standouts among the pile. You can learn a lot about yourself, others and life through them.

I watched Amy Cudy’s video on body language to prep for a job interview, and her points worked. I felt relaxed and confident during the ordeal. I didn’t get the job but that’s one example on how Ted Talks helped me.

If you don’t like watching videos, the the Ted Blog is stocked with posts that are just as motivational and intriguing as their counterpart. Whatever medium you choose, you will not be let down.


Career Wednesday: Fingerprinting

Photo Credit: Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office

Recently I was given the opportunity to work as a receptionist at a bank. I was excited and nervous to start in a field that I had no experience in, but was ready to take it head on. The staffing agency told me that the bank was going to conduct their own background check, which included fingerprinting. I didn’t mind and let them do what they wanted.

When I was at the bank, however, HR had a difficult time getting my prints. They tried everything on my fingers: lotion, hand sanitizer, and soap and water, but the machine just couldn’t read my fingers. After seven or so tries I was told that they would send in what they had and if it wasn’t good enough, they were going to rescind my offer.

Unfortunately that’s what happened.

I wasn’t surprised and figured that it was difficult to get my prints because I didn’t have much of any: I constantly wash and sanitize my hands, which is one way for fingerprints to “vanish.” Despite me knowing that I wasn’t going to get the job, however, I was sad. I was looking forward to being a receptionist.

Thankfully I won’t be encountering being fingerprinted again, but it may happen in the future and I wonder if prints can come back?

Do you have problems giving fingerprints? Have you ever been in my situation? Let me know in the comments!