A Reminder to Myself

A friend and I can talk about all sorts of things except one: dating and anything related to romance.

Why? Aside from just not talking about it, my friend gets embarassed to broach the topic, which makes me uncomfortable keeping the conversation going. So, while I can vent about my ex and liking guys to my other friends, and they’ll gladly chime in with their own stories, with this one, I’m not talking about it at all, or very little.

Hence this post–and this is a reminder as to why I shouldn’t discuss love with her.

Over lunch last weekend, I told her about me liking my doctor, and even though I know to not say anything to him, she made me feel terrible. As SOON as the word left my mouth, she cocked her head to the side, gazed down at the table, grimaced, and said, “I wouldn’t do that…”

Well, I’m not her.


I was already embarassed to like him (he’s married and has kids), and her reaction made me feel worse. Like my feelings didn’t matter–that I was wrong to have them. What’s wrong with merely liking someone? Last time I checked, romantic feelings were a very common thing to catch…for anybody, regardless of their job title.

When she asked me how old he was, I thought, ‘Hello! How old do you think is? 70? Nooo…’ (In case you’re wondering, he’s in this thirties. Like me.)

I immediately regretted my decision to tell her my secret, and wanted to take it back. I’ve never had anyone invalidate my feelings. My other friends wouldn’t care–in fact, they’d probably tell me stories about them liking someone in a position of power.

Because of that, my friend made me question myself and ask, “Is it normal to have a crush on your doctor??”

(According to my mom and Google, it is.)

This girl is one of my best friends and for her to have that reaction and comment on my situation hurt.

Jen, don’t discuss love with this friend.



Have you ever had your feelings invalidated? What did you do about it?



Being all Healthy


I think this is the ultimate goal for everyone, and that’s to be healthy. Physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy. All three of these are connected, especially when it comes to your physical and mental health. Let’s say you don’t exercise, eat junk food, and drink. These habits affect your mental health (which affects you emotionally by being sad and down most of the time). What you put into your body has a big effect on your brain. Feed your body healthy foods, and you’ll think clearly, be happier, and focus on the positive. The opposite is true if you indulge in fatty, greasy food.

But what I’m most concerned about is my mental and emotional health, which are a work in progress. (My physical health is on the upswing though! Popsugar Fitness videos are awesome, and are walking, yoga, and hiking.)

I’ve blogged about self-care, which I neglected until recently. Taking the time to treat myself to hobbies and relaxing is still new to me. But I now know how important it is for my mental and emotional health.

However, there’s still a lot to be done in the mental health sphere for me, like managing stress and anxiety. Last week I had a rough day and let my anxiety control my thoughts and emotions, which resulted in me acting out of control (not in a scary way, but I did regret what I did). Oh, and the physical syptoms of anxiety have gone down a lot in recent years, but I do experience some.

But it’s a new week and I plan to control myself by myself. Using the long list of techniques that my therapist and I came up with, I can use them to manage my anxiety.

How do you try and stay healthy both physically, emotionally, and mentally?

My First Spa Experience


A friend and I went to Laka Spa for a massage and facial. I was excited because I had always wanted to go to a spa and figured that it would help me relax and feel rejuvenated.

The spa was on Ward Avenue and its sign was not easily visible from the street, but we found it thanks to Google Maps! We walked upstairs, pushed open the heavy wooden door, and were greeted with the smell of peppermint and calming music. The place was clean, with a cozy seating area, dressing room, bathroom, relaxation room, and massage rooms.

I piggybacked onto my friend’s reservation for the Signature Package, so we were placed in the couple’s massage room. After changing into our brown Laka Spa robes and slippers, our therapists greeted us and took us into our room. My therapist was a nice woman from Japan.

As the therapist smoothed oil onto my back and really got into the muscles, I felt relaxed. I liked the arm and foot massages the best and didn’t want them to end! My feet really needed the TLC. All the while calming music was playing and I almost fell asleep. My therapist was gentle and attentive the whole time.

After an hour of massage, it was time for the facial. My face was exfoliated, the blackheads on my nose were taken out (sorry for the details), and a mask was applied. It was a long process for a facial but my skin felt smooth and light afterward.

We were then taken to the relaxation room for refreshments.

My total came out to $193–including tip–and was it worth it? Yes.

However, I will say that I didn’t feel “better” afterward in terms of mood. But my body felt looser and lighter than before so that’s a plus!

Next, I want to go to Massage Envy.

Have you ever been to a spa? How did you feel afterward? Was it a one-time thing or not?