Less Than a Week To Go!


I hope you all are not getting stressed out with last minute Christmas prep. My mom went to the mall today and that was an adventure: packed stores, grumpy customers (and employees!), and out-of-stocked items. Hearing her story tonight made me happy to not be a seasonal retail worker anymore.

But, I digress.

Remember, that amid all the craziness, it’s the best time of the year! Christmas music, houses decorated with lights and giant inflatable animals, good food, presents, friends, and family all come together in a magical time.

If that’s not enough to ease your stress, then “Linus and Lucy” will get you happy!

Catching Up with the Cousin

My cousin, Todd, and I ate lunch yesterday at Ayame Curry & Ramen, a hole-in-the-wall Japanese restaurant in a shopping center. He ordered the cold noodles and gyoza, while I took the beef curry.

Our families used to live five minutes away from one another, so our moms would take us out to the beach, to restaurants, and do other kid stuff. He was, and still is, my “older brother.”

But since he moved to Vegas in 2011, the only time we saw each other was when my family went up during Christmas and/or summer. In between those times, we hardly talked to each other, except the yearly “happy birthday” text.

We talked about him possibly moving back home, but he doesn’t want to since Hawaii’s “so small,” work, and relationships.

After we walked around the shopping center eating ice cream: cotton candy for him, cookies & cream for me. When I dropped him off at his moms’, he told me, “Text me anytime. Just because I’m on the mainland doesn’t mean I’m dead.”

He was always the funny cousin.

And that’s what I miss about him. But I’m happy that he now makes an effort to come out and visit. And that we had our first grown-up outing since being adults!