Inspiring Talks

Once in a while I watch Ted Talks. And they can’t come at a better time for me: when I’m down, there’s always a video of theirs that brings me back to normal. Through Youtube or their website, I enjoy them. And it’s easy to lose track of time, especially if you watch the videos that are more than 15 minutes long.

These videos are inspiring and thought provoking. There are multiple videos on the same topic so they can be repetive, but there are standouts among the pile. You can learn a lot about yourself, others and life through them.

I watched Amy Cudy’s video on body language to prep for a job interview, and her points worked. I felt relaxed and confident during the ordeal. I didn’t get the job but that’s one example on how Ted Talks helped me.

If you don’t like watching videos, the the Ted Blog is stocked with posts that are just as motivational and intriguing as their counterpart. Whatever medium you choose, you will not be let down.


Making that Money


My manager told me that my contract was going to be extended until the end of March. I readily accepted and he proceeded to give me some fatherly advice about finding a job. He said that since I’ll be spending 1/3 of my life working, it’d be worth finding a job that I enjoyed. Not arguing with that. I know many people who just have a “job” in order to get by. Do they like it? No, but it lets them live comfortably and that’s all that matters.

He said that if I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a job, that I can take a skills assessment in the recruitment office. (He’s helpful like that).

Notice that he didn’t say “find a career.”


I’ll take a job, but I want a career. I want to be a writer!

What’s It Gonna Take?

I had two interviews last week, one for retail and the other for a communications internship. Honestly I wanted both but was really hoping for the internship since, as I’ve posted on here, I want to be a journalist. I thought I didn’t do a good job at the first but excelled at the second.

But as luck would have it, I got an offer from the retail and a rejection from the internship. Frankly I was happy about the former.

…and I’m sad about the latter.


I had big plans for that internship: it was going to be my first post-college writing job and it was going to finally let me get my foot in the door to other opportunities. I’m sad. I can’t keep track of how many writing jobs I applied to but I’m getting tired of the rejection. What’s it gonna take to secure a real writing job? Is it amazing writing samples? Multimedia skills?

What is it?

I can’t figure it out. But in regards to samples, I can practice writing all I want but without them being edited by a real editor and published in a magazine or website, are they worth showing to employers? (This is my biggest question, and Google isn’t helping).

If I could go back and start college over, I would’ve majored in journalism, written for the school newspaper for a longer period of time, and done an internship.

I’m at a loss as to what to do about this career I want to pursue. My back up plan (work full-time and write on the side) is still an option, but I really want a full-time writing job.

So, what should I do now? And what about clips? What counts as writing samples to employers? Should I *gasp* give up?

Career Wednesday: Eating Lunch with Coworkers, Update


I want to update on this topic I posted about a few months ago. I think the days of eating at my desk has been shaken up since my department hired two new employees, and they’re social butterflies.

Two weeks ago one of them suggested that we eat lunch together, so I said yes because it was the right thing to do. We ate outside then walked around during our hour and to be honest it was a nice change. I like her.

Then, this past Friday I ate lunch with the second new hire, and then we joined the first woman and two other coworkers for the remainder of our lunch. Again, this took place outside.

I like routine and a break is fine once in a while, but I’m sure these group lunches are going to happen more often. Not that it’s a bad thing: It’s good to interact with the people you work with, but I like my alone time. Needless to say, I did enjoy my two past lunches.

Any of you eat lunch with your coworkers? Or do you prefer to eat alone or with one other person at work? Let me know in the comments!