Career Wednesday: Eating Lunch with Coworkers, Update


I want to update on this topic I posted about a few months ago. I think the days of eating at my desk has been shaken up since my department hired two new employees, and they’re social butterflies.

Two weeks ago one of them suggested that we eat lunch together, so I said yes because it was the right thing to do. We ate outside then walked around during our hour and to be honest it was a nice change. I like her.

Then, this past Friday I ate lunch with the second new hire, and then we joined the first woman and two other coworkers for the remainder of our lunch. Again, this took place outside.

I like routine and a break is fine once in a while, but I’m sure these group lunches are going to happen more often. Not that it’s a bad thing: It’s good to interact with the people you work with, but I like my alone time. Needless to say, I did enjoy my two past lunches.

Any of you eat lunch with your coworkers? Or do you prefer to eat alone or with one other person at work? Let me know in the comments!


Food Friday: Eat the Street


The last Friday of the month Honolulu has an event called Eat the Street, which is a bunch of local food trucks and tents selling their specialties. All Eat the Street events has a theme such as chocolate and bacon, and it’s very popular. So popular that it’s gone to Mililani and Pearl City to serve west and central Oahu. I’ve always wanted to go but didn’t have anyone to go with…until tonight.

I took my dad to this month’s Eat the Street, because it was going to coincide with the opening of Street Grindz’s new food truck business Tasters & Makers. Not only that, but tonight was going to feature the “best of” Eat the Street from themes chocolate, bacon and garlic. I was NOT going to miss it and to my surprise my dad was all for it.

We ate quite a bit, from stuffed won ton’s at Paul’s Popper’s to fried spam musubi and Oreo’s from Hawaii’s Fried Musubi. It was CROWDED but there was plenty of food to go around and no one got lost in the shuffle. There was live entertainment and it was just really neat to see so many local food places. I definitely have to go to Paul’s Poppers: I bookmarked it on Yelp haha.

I’m all for supporting local business and Eat the Street is a tasty and fun way to do it. These people work hard so it’s important that they get recognized for it. (The lines for Paul Popper’s, Fresh Catch, and a few other trucks/tents was constantly long, and that’s a good thing).

Do you have local food events where you live? If so, have you ever gone/wanted to go? Let me know in the comments!

Business Ventures

Torn newspaper headlines depicting business strategy

A friend of mine suggested that I contact small local boutiques and ask if they needed writers for promotions and things. As I was thinking about my freelance “business,” I decided to use her idea. I made a list of the places I frequented and then realized that I can start with someone I already knew who owned her own business. I interviewed her for an article and we’ve kept in touch since then.

I sent her an email, asking whether or not she needed help with marketing her product. Low and behold, she did! She asked for my thoughts and what I charged.

Now, even though I was a promotions intern for a radio station back in 2011, I’m not too familiar with business. I didn’t think she’d say that she needed help but now she has I have to come up with some ideas and frankly, I’m excited. Promotions is a skill that I need to have as a creative and I might as well start growing it now. I’ll keep you posted!