I Feel Dumb

I realized that I can be self-centered. I sometimes think that my problems are more important than anyone else’s.

Until recently.

A friend of mine told me bad news, and for a while I felt stupid for thinking that “I” was having a tough time, when she was clearly having it far worse. There was a moment where I forgot about what was going on in my life, and focused on her. It made me sad to know she was sad. My problems didn’t matter.

We may think we have it bad, but someone always has it worse.

Take that statement as you will. Good or bad.



A really strong woman accepts the war she went through and is ennobled by her scars. – Carly Simon

Reasons He Hasn’t Texted Back

I’m not an expert on the male species, but these are just the MANY reasons why a guy wouldn’t reply to a girl’s text.

  • He’s busy
  • He’s deliberately stalling, with the motivation to make you feel as anxious a wreck as possible. He might wait an entire 24-hours to respond to your “hey, what’s up?” because he has a plan. And it usually works…until he responds, and the urge to talk to him fades.
  • Maybe the text needed no response? Possible.
  • He kept his phone on silent
  • He deleted your number, so you’re now “unknown person” and he doesn’t answer texts from strangers.
  • Seeing your name appear on his screen made him so excited that he died from happiness.
  • He doesn’t know what to say
  • You disgust him
  • He’s. Moved. On. (The worst reason on this list)



Anyone else have weird dreams that don’t make sense?

I have them frequently, and when I wake up it’s hard to shake them because they’re so weird that they felt “real.” So I spend a few minutes in anticipation waiting for my dreams to suddenly happen, since they were so vivid while I was asleep. Why are they not real?

I used to believe that dreams meant something. It was fun to look up what different “symbols” in my dreams meant, such as my teeth falling out was a sign of me saying something I shouldn’t have.

Well, according to HowStuffWorks, there are many theories on the meaning of dreams, but nothing definite. It’s still interesting.

So, I guess there’s no reason for me dreaming that I’m in a house, then the next I’m running a marathon, and finally end up in a cave? (That’d make a great story…)