Finding Yourself

yoga with adriene

I subscribe to Yoga with Adriene’s weekly letter, and it’s sent to my inbox every Sunday. I like reading her letters because they’re encouraging and make me want to get on the mat.

Today’s letter was no different, and I needed her kind words.

And it was the following quote that hit me:

“Our love, which is our real self, doesn’t die, but merely goes underground.”

Whether you’ve lost yourself in the shuffle of work or other stressful situations, your real self is still there. Your self-esteem might’ve taken a hit, but it’s important to build it back up, and, once you do, you find who you are again. Adriene likens this quote to yoga, and that she uses the practice to find herself.

And, in a way, through the bending, breathing, and (sometimes) toppling over, yoga is doing the same for me.

When life makes you lose yourself, how do you find you again?


Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today in America we celebrated the life of Martin Luther King Jr. He was an activist of the civil rights movement, and his speech I “Have a Dream” is his most famous work. In these stressful and chaotic times, his words are greatly needed.

Here are two of my favorites:

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Strength to Love, 1963

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” “I Have a Dream” speech, 1963


Yoga is Good


Hope you all had a fun holiday season!

Now it’s time to get in shape after all of the good food you’ve eaten.

For me, exercise is slowly becoming second nature, especially yoga. Which I haven’t posted about for two months…

But, since then, I’ve realized the health benefits of this exercise that requires stretching and flexing the body. Even when I do yoga for only 30 minutes I feel better than when I started. One day I upped my practice to an hour, and I really felt the results! I felt very relaxed, for starters.

If you scoff at yoga, here’s how it has helped me in that a short time:

Eliminates joint pain – This is a big one because of my RA. Joint pain–even if it’s minor–is uncomfortable, but once I’m stretching my limbs I feel the pain go away. Majority of the time, I’m pain-free for a couple hours after a session. Also, the intensity of the pain has diminshed too.

Relieves headaches – One morning I had a slight tension headache, but did a series of neck rolls, cat cow, and bridge (which is a great way to get blood rushing to your head), along with deep breathing. The pain went away after 10 minutes and I felt like a new woman!

Increases flexibility – This one may be all in my head because my everyday routine doesn’t require a lot of stretching, but in terms of doing yoga poses, I am more flexible.

For those of you who are practicing yogis, how has yoga helped you? For the ones who don’t practice, you should start! It’s a great way to get in tune with your body and relax. All you need is a yoga mat and YouTube because Yoga with Adriene has the best collection of videos for home practice.