A Note on Anthony Bourdain

When I read the posts on Facebook I was confused and thinking, “What happened?”

I felt that something bad had happened.

Then I Googled his name, and saw.

Anthony Bourdain had comitted suicide.

Like other celebrity deaths, I was in disbelief. I didn’t want to believe what I was reading, but as I continued to see the headlines pop up on my screen, and when the news reported on it, reality set in.

The funny, straight-talking, adventurous chef was gone.

As I’m typing this a No Reservations marathon is playing in the background, and right now he’s in Spain. Prior to that Bourdain was eating his way through Rio.

I only knew Bourdain as a chef and TV host. I didn’t know that he was a writer, who had written multiple books, and–at least for his CNN show Parts Unknown–wrote the scripts. I always thought that he had hired a writer to put together his stories and narrations.

Now I’m more in awe with him, because I write.

I just placed an Amazon order for his book Kitchen Confidential.

Bourdain opened up my world to different cultures and foods. His distinctive voice drew me in to even the most boring subjects on Parts Unknown. He made me want to visit third world countries when I was adament to do so! That’s how powerful No Reservations and Parts Unknown were, not just to me, but for thousands of other people. Those who couldn’t afford to travel, were taken on a journey with him.

And wanderlust began.

RIP Anthony Bourdain.




(Haven’t posted here since February?!?)

I’m sorry.

I’ve been on a self-improvement kick lately, reading self-help blogs and purchasing a few books on everything from career to life in general. It’s an exciting time for me!

One of the biggest hurdles in my life is my inability to handle stress, and be anxious and worried (I talked about this once or twice on the blog). My therapist has helped me compile a list of ways to handle these, and I coupled that with the book Declutter Your Mind: How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a worrier like me, and/or has anxiety. Whenever I feel anxious, I pick up the book, flip to one of the many tags I placed on its pages, and try a strategy. Examples are meditation, deep breathing, and distracting yourself.

I’ve also been reading the blog zen habits.

What are some self-help books/blogs that you recommend? And have you put any of the teachings into practice? Did you notice a difference in your life?

Reasons He Hasn’t Texted Back

I’m not an expert on the male species, but these are just the MANY reasons why a guy wouldn’t reply to a girl’s text.

  • He’s busy
  • He’s deliberately stalling, with the motivation to make you feel as anxious a wreck as possible. He might wait an entire 24-hours to respond to your “hey, what’s up?” because he has a plan. And it usually works…until he responds, and the urge to talk to him fades.
  • Maybe the text needed no response? Possible.
  • He kept his phone on silent
  • He deleted your number, so you’re now “unknown person” and he doesn’t answer texts from strangers.
  • Seeing your name appear on his screen made him so excited that he died from happiness.
  • He doesn’t know what to say
  • You disgust him
  • He’s. Moved. On. (The worst reason on this list)

Positive Feedback

I’ll tell friends good news when it happens, but I won’t go on and on about it. I’m not the bragging type, and take compliments with a bashful smile and “thank you.”

However, on the inside I feel empowered. Positive feedback makes me want to keep going, and get better at the task. The ones who gave me the praise will probably want to take back their comments if I messed up, right?

So, positive feedback can be good and bad, depending on how you look at it.

Don’t mind me. I’m rambling.