Reality Has Set In


My family and I are back from LA and Disneyland.

Every time I land at LAX I feel a rush of adrenaline–the feeling and possibility that I can do anything and everything’s possible. Maybe it’s Hollywood, or that LA is a celebrity ridden town, but I always feel energized once I arrive. I can’t explain it, but it feels good.

My main objective while in LA (we only stayed three days) was to look at apartments and their neighborhoods, and after a failed attempt on Friday (I said that it was “a sign”), we hit five out of the six places that I had on my list. We went through ghetto areas and nice areas, and in the end only two possible contenders remained (the one we didn’t see is still on the list as well). Currently I’m drafting a new list of potential apartments.

I don’t remember how, but my parents and I managed to get into an argument about, what else, jobs. It’s a catch-22: If I move without a job I might not get an apartment, but getting a job before I move might be not be possible since I’m out-of-state (so far, no luck). It’s frustrating, and when I met up with a former roommate, I told her the same. (She suggested I try working as a secretary, which, to be honest, I considered doing).

I put off talk of jobs and apartments until we came back, and I’m rethinking my job search strategy and LA plan. I know that my problem is the interview, so with help of The Muse, I browsed (and read) most of their articles about job interviews, as well as how to do a better job search. On Sunday I found job, thanks to one of their articles! That made me happy.

Seeing apartments and neighborhoods and all that really put things in perspective: I need to stop being idealistic. I’m gonna work till I get the funds, because that’s the only way I’m going to get things going.

Did you relocate for a job? If so, what was your plan? Let me know in the comments!


Publishing Capitol of the World


I’m not sure if New York City is the publishing capitol of the world, but it is home to many magazine companies such as Hearst (Good Housekeeping, Seventeen and Redbook) and Time Inc. (Entertainment Weekly, TIME and Sports Illustrated). I’m getting the impression that if someone wants to be a print journalist, she will need to (or consider a) move to New York City.

The numbers don’t lie: one site that I look at for journalism jobs is mediabistro. It categorizes jobs by industry, and you can narrow your search by location. Right now New York has 573 jobs, compared to California’s 149. By city: New York, 529; Los Angeles, 26. Can you believe that LA only has 26 media jobs?!

Maybe I should move East. It’s expensive and the winters are harsh, but it looks like New York City has more job opportunities in my field of work than Los Angeles. It’s twice the distance from Hawaii though, which is a problem. I’m not a fan of airplanes and taking one is enough, but two is stretching it.

Just a passing thought I guess.

Combating Fear

Over our Valentine’s Day dinner at Goma Tei, my momma and I started talking about me moving. I told her that my plan (as if she had forgotten about it) was to move to LA this year if I didn’t find a job here. She asked me if I was rushing things, and I told her that I wasn’t ready.

But why wasn’t I ready? Was it because I wasn’t not financially ready? (That was true, I didn’t know how I was going to rent an apartment if I moved without a job first, and a guarantor might not be the best, if California required them to be in-state residents). Was it because I really was NOT ready and didn’t feel that things were in place yet? (Also true). What about knowing that I wasn’t not yet “done” with Hawaii? That I still had some unfinished business here? (Eh, not really).

Or was because, deep down, I was just SCARED, in general? (Could be!)

I know it’s important to have a plan (I do, it’s all typed up), but I can’t just go to LA on a whim like my cousin did when he chose to move to Vegas.


Before this all set in, I decided to try and apply for jobs in LA. I haven’t heard back from the four places I took the time to craft relocation cover letters and resumes for. I decided that the only way I was going to get a LA job was to move first, so I’d have an in-state address.

It’s tough to get a job in Hawaii too, even retail, and what if it’s just as bad getting one in LA, as a RESIDENT? I can always let staffing agencies find me jobs, but what if I don’t get those either?!?

Now the “fear” has a reason to be there: I’m scared of being jobless once I move.

What if things don’t work out?

*Takes a deep breath*

I realized that those in the entertainment industry knew that they needed to be in LA to pursue their dream, and did they have jobs lined up beforehand? Nope. They worked from the bottom to get to where they are now, experiencing a lot of rejection (and a serious reality check!) I’m sure they felt scared about the unknown, but didn’t let that phase them because their dream was bigger than that. They were willing to do anything and everything to get their name out there, and when they wanted to quit, they took a step back, formulated a new plan of action, and continued.

I need to be like them.

I can’t let fear get to me. Was I scared to go to grad school? Heck yes! I did it anyway because, well, one, I didn’t have a choice, but I also worked hard to get in. (As you all know it didn’t work out, but do I regret it? Nope).

I gotta at least try and make it as an entertainment writer, and I know where I have to be in order to do that. I don’t want to live my life with regret.

Apartment Questions


All of you who have been apartment hunting (if you’ve done it in LA even better), can you answer a few questions for me?

1) How much money did you save before moving? (This is for people who moved to another state)
2) How long did your apartment search take? Including scoping out the neighborhoods.
3) How long did it take to set up tours?
4) How many places did you look at?
5) How long did it take for you to get a place?

I’m trying to work backwards from my target move date to figure out a plan of action for apartment hunting but it’s confusing since everybody’s timeline for getting a place is different. Help? Please?