Food Friday: Little Village Noodle House


There’s a lot of Chinese restaurants on Oahu, and downtown Honolulu has a gem called Little Village Noodle House. It’s been named Best Chinese Restaurant for 11 years (!!) and one bite of any of their Northern Chinese dishes and you’ll agree.

My standout dishes are…

Orange Chicken – This is NOT like Panda Express’ one, for sure! One of Little Village’s popular dishes, fried, boneless chicken are coated with a sweet and tangy sauce that’s not overwhelming of orange.

Honey Walnut Shrimp – Another popular dish. A good portion of shrimp topped with a garlic and cream sauce, and finished with honey walnuts. The shrimp is perfectly cooked and the sauce is tasty with a balance of flavors.

Black Pepper Beef – Don’t let the red chili pepper next to its name on the menu scare you, it’s not spicy. The pepper makes the beef flavorful and it’s hard to not eat only a few slices. The beef is tender and juicy.

Minute Chicken Pan-Fied Egg Noodles – Chicken is bite-size and flavorful, the noodles don’t taste like egg and has the flavor of regular Chinese wet noodle. The sauce is not dripping off the strands. It clings to the noodles to create a tasty dish.

(I have to start taking food photos when at family gatherings!!)

It was pricey but worth it. Downtown is notorious for limited parking, but Little Village has their own tiny parking lot right next to the restaurant, with a helpful attendant.

Stop by here for a taste of Chinese cuisine, and explore Downtown afterward!

1113 Smith St, Honolulu, HI 96817



Making Bread

My boyfriend, Matt, enjoys making bread. Dinner rolls, danishes, loaves filled with herbs. He’s a bread making machine! I never wanted to try baking some myself because of the kneading process. I was lazy.

That changed when I found Alexandra Stafford’s no-knead peasant bread. I read the recipe and figured it was simple, so I made it on a Saturday where I didn’t have any plans. (That’s rare, by the way).

Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos of the baking process, but it came together fast! It was mixed by hand with a spatula: no stand mixer needed. And you only need one bowl to mix the ingredients, how great is that?

However, even with the quick prep, the dough still needed to rise for a total of…okay, so the first rise is 1-1/1/2 hours and the second rise is 10-20 minutes. I let it rise for 1/1/2 hours, then 20 minutes, so you do the math for me. Haha!!

After the first rise, I formed the mass of dough into a ball, divided in half, and placed each half into two (different sized) bowls using forks. The transfer of the balls with forks resulted in the dough coming apart. I wasn’t sure why the directions called for forks, but I assumed it was to keep my hands from getting messy (if that was the case, the directions said that if the dough came apart during transferring, to use your hands. Contradiction).

Because my bowls were different sizes, that affected how the dough rose the second time. The dough ball in the small bowl became huge while the ball in the large bowl didn’t look too big.

The differences in bowl sizes also affected their baking time. The one in the small bowl was done in 20 minutes while the other took longer.

Now, as I mentioned, it was my first time baking bread. I didn’t know when it was fully baked, even though I ate it all the time. I’ve eaten (and seen) soft, white bread, brown bread, wheat bread…but baking loaves myself made me wonder, ‘Is it done? How do I know?’


The loaves came out decent. The outside was crunchy and the inside was really buttery (because of the greasing of the bowls) and soft, a little too soft. Not doughy. According to Matt, it was a little undercooked.

I trust him.


Even with that knowledge, I was proud of myself for making my first bread! I will be making it again.

But I better buy two same size bowls first.

Food Friday: Thanksgiving Leftovers

Hope you all had a fun and full Thanksgiving! Did anyone brave the crowds and shop till they dropped today?

Whether you stayed home or crossed people off of your gift giving list, we can all agree that we’re going to be eating leftovers for a while. We can go the traditional route of a second Thanksgiving meal, but what can we do to spice things up?

I have no idea what to do and plan on eating leftovers as is. But maybe you have some ideas on how to spruce up stuffing or leftover turkey? If you do, let me know in the comments!