Lane Aftermath

By the time Hurricane Lane “reached” Oahu and Kauai, it was drastically downgraded to a tropical storm. We experienced a lot of rain. Not a lot of wind, though. A friend was expecting to see high surf in Waikiki, but was disappointed when there was nothing.

But watching the flooding on Kauai and the Big Island from Lane is heartbreaking, especially for Kauai since the areas that are affected are the same ones that got hit with heavy rain and flooding in April.

My heart goes out to Hanalei, though. If anyone has been there, you’ve seen Hanalei Pier, Hanalei Bay, and the art galleries and shops. (I’m hearing “Hanalei” by Dennis Pavao in my head). I’ve only been there once and it was so pretty.

Kauai will recover. As will the Big Island. Mother Nature can destroy houses and ruin crops, but she can’t shatter the human spirit to move forward.

Unfortunately, we have Hurricane Miriam AND Hurricane Norman to focus on. Both are expected to go north, but it’s too early to tell, even with the hurricane models predicted paths.

Hoping for the best!




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