Social Media and Bragging

A few years ago I ran into a middle school classmates mother outside of a restaurant. After talking for a minute, she started to brag about what her daughter was up to. I didn’t even ask about her!

Note that her daughter is like this too, especially on social media.

(No wonder I didn’t ask about her…)

But I HATE people who brag, whether it’s about their kids, their job (I know someone who does this), or other accomplishments on a daily and ad nauseum basis. It’s fine to post a status about going on a trip or getting a new job, I do that, but when it’s excessive I get bothered.

With social media, people get another avenue to brag. Instagram is a prime example. You can post photos and write two paragraph captions.  Who’s going to read all that, if at all? We only care about the pictures right?

But, there’s a fine line between bragging and just telling people what you’re eating for lunch or the concert you’re at. But when is that line crossed?


3 thoughts on “Social Media and Bragging

  1. You’re so right!! I hate when parents brag about their children as if they were so perfect or as if they were better than the rest. I also hate when people post WAAAY too much about their lives on social media.
    Also, I have a friend who got all A+ last year and she posted a photo of her grades on instagram. Like, it’s amazing but literally no one cares other than her and her parents. People are crazy!!!
    Great post!

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