Starbucks Cups


Starbucks released limited edition spring cups yesterday to kick off spring. I haven’t seen these cups in the store that I go to, but I get happy just from looking at photos of them. Especially the ones with the doodles.


Each cup color represents a different drink size–green for tall, blue for grande and yellow for venti. Stores will be carrying both the blank and decorated versions.

These cups are cute and all, but I have a problem: I don’t order hot drinks so I can’t take one of these cups with me (or any of their other seasonal cups). So that got me thinking, ‘Why doesn’t Starbucks release designs for their plastic cups too?’

I understand that it’s cold in parts of the United States so nobody is ordering a frappuccino in snowy weather, however, Starbucks should consider decorating their plastic cups too.

Maybe for summer? Beach designs? A sunny day?


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