Best Dressed at Oscars 2017

I’m not a glamorous girl. I’m not into makeup even though I have a white glass tray with lipsticks, nail polish, blush, foundation and concealer. (I only use the concealer from time to time). My outfit of choice are jeans/shorts, t-shirt/nice blouse, and slippers (flip flops, for you Mainland readers). I do enjoy a pretty dress and sparkly jewelry though–I have an obsession with necklaces! But do I want to get dressed up all the time? No.

However, as I mentioned in my previous post, I indulge in fashion when it’s awards season and last night at the Oscars was no exception! There was a lot of gold, metallic, frills, tule, sleeves…the actresses went all out for the last awards show of the year.

Below is my roundup of the best dressed at Oscars 2017.


Aul’i Cravalho made a huge splash during her Oscars debut. The 16-year-old was in Rubin Singer looking beautiful. The ruffles with gold trims on the dress were pretty and the matching clutch completed the look.


Giuliana Rancic, the former E! News host, wore a flowing Grecian-style dress by Georges Chakra Couture, and given her tall frame, she pulled it off. The dress draped in all the right places and the color–perwinkle blue–is pretty. (Let’s not mention her awful spray tan, though. That’s a different story. Focus on the dress, people!)


Taraji P. Henson has perfect red carpet style, and last night she proved it again as a throwback to old Hollywood. The hair, the dress and the pose! Perfect with a capital “p.”


Alicia Vikander was another elegant woman last night in Louis Vuitton. The lace details of the dress were pretty. The strappy heels gave her the right height for the back of the dress to drape on the floor. Finally, she chose the right hairstyle to highlight her beautiful necklace. A + all around!


Scarlett Johansson in Alaia, with a statement belt and bracelet. The pink-and-purple cuteness of the dress wouldn’t match with those accessories but they work. The mix of feminine and edgy shone brightly on Johansson.


There was a ballerina on the red carpet last night!!! Felicity Jones looked just like one in her Dior gown. It was simple with touches of elegant from the tule skirt. Cute!!


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