Manners are So Important

I don’t know about you, but manners are important to me.


At my previous workplace, the environment was medium size but everyone knew one another. Coworkers would say “good morning” and smile at you when they saw you in the hall or the bathroom. Even the people who didn’t know each other were cordial with one another.

That is not the case at my new office, where the number of employees is much larger. However, that is no excuse to not be nice to people! I can be walking down the hall toward the copy room and acknowledge someone but that person just stares. Or I’ll hold the door open for someone and no “thank you” is uttered. Not even a smile.

Now, my immediate coworkers are nice to me, of course, but it’s such a different environment where not everyone is as friendly. (Even my manager is a nice guy, to everyone, whether he knows them or not).

How is your workplace culture? Are most people friendly? In the manners department my previous workplace wins by a long shot. That’s one thing I miss about that office. I felt like I was part of a family.

Here, everyone seems to be doing their own thing and not into chit chat or anything.

Oh, well. It’s their culture I guess.


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