The Power of Music


The documentary Alive Inside is a touching film about music therapy, and what a simple iPod can do to help Alzheimer’s patients. It will have you tearing up in the first five minutes.

Music is powerful. It wakes us up, it puts us to sleep, it makes us sad–even when we’re not particularly down at that moment. We listen to our iPods at work to take away the dullness of being in an office all day; we go to concerts to escape our problems. It brings people together, no matter what language we speak.

I was always interested in music, from being in band to playing guitar. My iPod is filled with different genres, from rock and instrumental, to Oldies and country. I get songs stuck in my head for days. Sometimes at random.

What would life be without music? Think about all of the moments in your life, good and bad, and tell me if music wasn’t present in each of them, or at least majority of them. I’m betting more than half of your memories involve music in some way. There’s nothing else I can think of that touches each and every one of us in profound ways. Can you?


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