A Post to Inspire Traveling


A good friend posted an inspirational Facebook status about traveling, and how he was determined to see more of the world and not be tied down to the mundane routine of work and everyday life. I called his status inspiring because he made me, for the first time, buy tickets to my favorite guitarists’ concert in Vegas. I figured, why not?

I know people who want to travel, but can’t. And that’s heartbreaking. Some people have never left Hawaii!!!

It’s sad to hear these cases because yes, traveling is expensive, but it’s worth the money in order to see how another culture lives, take in the local sights, sounds and tastes, have adventures. To me, travel is one thing that you have to be “determined” about, like a goal. You have to accomplish saving in order to reach that goal. (Or get lucky). Case in point: A friend and her boyfriend are going to London and Spain this year, because they stumbled upon a good deal. Most of us, though, need to save. The friend who posted the Facebook status? He’s going to Japan in April.

But even traveling domestically opens our eyes and awakens our senses, be it the country, the city or a desert. Some of the best memories I have are taking trips nationally. New York City was an experience, and I want to go back.

Yes, it’s nice to create a travel list (I have one) and dream about going to these places, but wouldn’t it be better to actually go there? It’s very possible.


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