Around the Island: Punahou Carnival 2017


This weekend was the annual Punahou Carnival, an event that draws thousands of Oahu residents each first weekend of February to the campus to eat good food, play games, and have fun. This year, the junior class was responsible for putting on the event.

This was only the second time I’ve been to the carnival, the first being when my cousin was a senior and my relatives invited us to watch her perform at the senior play. It was a fun time. We mostly ate, though.

This year, I still went for the food, but played games as well. My boyfriend and I ended up with too many scrips (even after buying food items) and we needed to get rid of them. The games were the usual carnival fare and even if you didn’t win, you received prize coupons that could be redeemed for prizes in Kiddie Land. (We had five coupons, and I used all to get an LED balloon).


We went in the afternoon, and it was crowded. People were everywhere, eating, playing games, standing in lines and screaming on the rides. Music was blaring from loudspeakers. It was a very festive atmosphere.

After walking around the grounds (Punahou is a nice campus!), we did our thing.

The food booths were the largest gathering place, with lines that were more than ten people deep. But they were popular for a reason: the food was good! We ate teri burgers with cheese, ice cream (cup and bar, at two different times) and an acai bowl. Malasadas (fried balls of yeast dough) are the most popular item at the carnival and both booths had ridiculously long lines. I didn’t want to wait that long, while my boyfriend was all for it. Unfortunately for him, no malasadas.


But that was ok…I think.

In addition to rides, games, and food booths, there was also a silent auction where everything from autographed sporting goods and gift certificates to food baskets and jewelry were being bid on; an art gallery, the popular White Elephant sale and a farmers market.

We went to all of them.

Farmers Market

After spending over an hour there, we walked home. It was fun like before and the weather held up (it is winter and it always rains, not this year, apparently!). I want to go at night to see how it is. According to some people, it’s less crowded and not as hot.


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