Career Wednesday: Budgeting

US Currency is seen in this January 30,
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How many of you are good at budgeting?

I don’t have a budget, and it’s not because I’m wealthy. I just don’t spend much.

*Shifty eyes*

Okay, I lied.


Truth is: I still live with my parents as a twenty-something so I am a moocher.

I admit it.

However, with my goal of moving out after securing a full-time job I’m going to need to know how to budget. Frankly, I’m nervous. I’ve been using a website called YNAB and it’s neat, but is a little overwhelming (their system is, at least). There resources are good, though and I’ve been learning things, but putting these things to use is scary. I know what I have to budget for, which is great, doing it is another story.

I’m nervous to even balance a checkbook.

At least my savings account is in good shape.

Can anybody relate?

How did you get started budgeting? How do you keep track of your finances? Let me know in the comments!


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