Food Friday: Nom

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I’m a social media “fanatic.” I put that word in quotes because I’m not Facebook, Twitter or Instagram 24/7, sharing random videos/status updates and uploading photos. I go on these sites to browse, but hardly post. I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook (one minute it’s getting me down, the next I’m excited and looking at a friend’s photos from her vacation); Twitter has become dull, and Instagram is still engaging, but not as it used to be.

Do you agree?

However, despite all of the different social media platforms and how they have a negative impact on our lives, there is an app that is different and enriches our quality of life: Nom. It’s been out since March of this year but only gained attention recently with its new redesign. It’s a combination of live-streaming demonstrations, commentary, and photos that gets users cooking and continue to be inspired to cook. It was created by Youtube co-founder Steve Chen and joins other food-centric apps such as and Food Network in the Kitchen. To me, this is a cross between Instagram (photo and video sharing), Facebook (photo and video sharing, “like” and comment on content), and Snapchat (video sharing). So even with all of these social media channels being an inspiration for Nom, it looks like a cool app to download.

I might get rid of my usual social media apps and get food ones instead! Quality of life has improved.

Do you use any food apps on your phone? Will you be downloading Nom? Let me know in the comments!


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