Random Sunday: Social Media & Your Relationship

Photo Credit: triniadvice.wordpress.com

How many of you post your relationship status on Facebook?

How many of you post pictures of you and your significant other frequently?

I do none of the above. I like to keep my relationship private, and I know a few people who do the same. They may post a status update or a picture here and there mentioning their partner, but they’re not parading the relationship all over social media. I like these folks: the ones who aren’t showing off.

However, I can’t stand it when people post new couple photos weekly, or do shout outs to their significant other for throwing them a party or something. It’s annoying. I already know who this person is dating/married to and what he/she looks like thanks to the thousands of Facebook pictures of the two of them together, so why keep remind me?

A little acknowledgement of a relationship is fine, just don’t go crazy.

What is your stance on posting about your relationship on social media? Are you for it or against it?


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