Random Sunday: Sewing


I remember when I was in middle school, my mom was into sewing. Whenever we went to Wal-Mart she’d take me into the fabric section and I would be amazed at how many different patterns were available. At the time there was some interest in me to learn how to sew, but not so much that I begged my mom to show me how.

But I liked watching her fix buttons and make alterations, and going through her sewing kit. Also, for some reason I was drawn to her sewing needles and the pin cushion they were in.

My mom managed to teach me some basics, and the first time I worked the sewing machine I was scared (I didn’t want to ruin a finger) but felt empowered. The “lessons” didn’t last too long. Since then I haven’t done any sewing.

Fast forward to now, in my twenties: My boyfriend wants me to sew him covers for his makeshift computer monitor “legs,” for lack of a better term. We went to fabric store and I got an idea for what to use.

Now I just need to brush up on my sewing.

My mom said that it wasn’t difficult.

I haven’t tried anything yet, but was curious to find out if any of you sew. And what beginner project did you start off with to learn the basics? Is a cover (ie. pillow case) a good project to begin with? Let me know in the comments!


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