Fashion Thursday: Warm Weather Clothes


While she won’t be experiencing a blizzard where she’s attending college, my cousin will definitely need waterproof/warm clothing in Portland, Oregon. It was difficult to determine how much snow (if any) Portland received annually, but you can’t go wrong with the official city website which says the city experiences one snowfall a year and a lot of icy conditions.

Well, she’ll get to see snow at least. 🙂

She’s going to need pants, jackets/sweaters, rain boots (do people still wear them?), shoes, socks, and maybe a scarf or two. How’s my list? Am I missing anything?

Winter is so much different on the mainland than in Hawaii.

When it’s “winter” here, all that’s needed are jeans, jacket, umbrella, and shoes. There’s no need to wear layers, like in New York or the Midwest. So with that said, my knowledge of warm weather clothing is limited.

I hope she doesn’t become a Popsicle!

With the colder months coming up, how do you dress for that time of year? What’s the average low temperature where you live? (That question is for my curiosity, since anything below 60 degrees is cold for us in Hawaii!) Let me know in the comments!


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