Food Friday: Fried Foods Night


Last Saturday, we did a fried foods night and it was fun! We fried, in no particular order: cheddar cheese cubes, zucchini, pickles, beef gyoza, potato wedges, jalapeno poppers, Oreos, brownies, Twinkies, cheese sticks, and onions. We used panko for some, and all-purpose flour batter for others.

We ate food as they came out of the fryer and cooled, so no pictures, BUT, fried Twinkies taste like funnel cake! And don’t put panko on Oreos if you’re frying them–there was no chocolate flavor, only bread crumb flavor. Not good. Oh, and fried cheddar cheese cubes taste like Cheetos puffs.

The cleanup was greasy, but worth it. We were stuffed!

If/when we decide to do this again, what do you suggest we try and fry? Let me know in the comments!


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