Random Sunday: How to Prevent Headaches


I experience tension headaches quite a bit, and I can tell that it’s that type of headache because the back of my neck will be sore in addition to my head. (And drinking water doesn’t make it go away).

I also get dehydration headaches (I made that term up). I know I have those when, after drinking some water, it magically disappears.

Some weeks I can have a headache everyday, but they go away after a few minutes of resting my eyes, drinking water or stretching. Once in while I get REALLY bad headaches (not migraines), and they start off mild at around 1pm, then boom! I’m at a 10 on the pain scale by 4pm. To remedy those I take a warm shower, take medicine and go to sleep. Those are the ones I hate.

One day I wanted to know how to prevent headaches and came across this slideshow on Health.com. It’s a list of 21 ways to prevent and treat headaches, and most of the ideas I put into practice, but I still get them. To me, it’s nothing to be concerned about.

But maybe I should address the really bad ones, huh?

Are you a headache sufferer like me? Besides the obvious of drinking more fluids and getting enough sleep, how do you prevent headaches?


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