Career Wednesday: Phone Interviews


I haven’t done too many phone interviews, and I always thought they were easier than in person ones because I wouldn’t have to stress about meeting someone.

But, I think I prefer one-on-one meetings.

Due to my circumstances, I had no choice but to do a phone interview for a job today. It went fairly well and took half an hour. After ten minutes in I realized that listening to someone speak over the phone and ask questions is more difficult to comprehend than having them ask me in person. I also had to be careful about my tone of voice, as that was all that the recruiter had to judge me on, and vice versa.

I’m visual so I prefer to see things. This goes with interviews too, I concluded. But it’s good to be exposed to different types of interviews right?

Do you prefer phone or in person interviews? Why? Let me know in the comments!


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