Food Friday: Cook Your Own


Last night a friend and I ate at Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ, a restaurant where you cook your own meat on a grill in the middle of the table. I’m not a huge fan of cooking my own food when I go out to eat, but shabu shabu (hot pot) is fun.

I digress.

Anyway, this type of cooking (yakiniku-grilled meat) is a subject of debate in Japan, and the term is used to describe Korean cuisine. In America, however, yakiniku is referred to as “Japanese barbecue.”

Confusing? You won’t be after you read this.

The meat I always order is beef tongue, and it’s not as gross as you think. It’s not tongue shaped, has a lot of flavor and is chewy. Nothing strange about it except its name. 🙂 Once in a while I’ll get beef tongue and another meat but most of the time I’ll stick with my main and order pre made appetizers (tonight I tried the shrimp katsu, and it tasted like, uh, fried shrimp).

Do you like going to these types of restaurants? If not, does it sound like something you’ll try? Let me know in the comments!


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