Food Friday: A Colorful and Flavorful Feed


“Do you have a problem?” My boyfriend jokingly asked me when I told him that I couldn’t stop looking at @thekitchn’s Instagram feed.

I don’t remember if I answered his question because I was busy getting inspired to make food such as oven baked chicken thighs and a flourless chocolate cake. Plus, the pictures were so pretty that it was hard to NOT stop scrolling!

After ten or 15 minutes I managed to press the back arrow, close Instagram and set my phone down. I then started to think about the food Instagram’s that I follow, and there’s a handful:


That is not an exhaustive list.

Some of the food accounts I follow only re-gram photos and don’t provide recipes, but majority of them do both. I’m partial to the latter, because I can add more recipes to my What to Cook/Bake list and also see other peoples’ creations.

So, do I have a problem with looking at food Instagram in general?

I hope not.

What food Instagram accounts do you follow? Have you found yourself collecting recipes to try later? Let me know in the comments!


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