Fashion Thursday: Wedding Wear


Summer’s almost here, but weddings are starting to take place and I have my first one of the season taking place on Memorial Day weekend. I’m not into dressing up that much, but I do enjoy weddings: the decorations, the food, the bride’s dress…wedding’s are a magical time for everybody involved.

However, before the wedding the hardest decision has to be made: what to wear. Some rules I’ve learned from being a guest at many are.

  1. Do not wear solid white or off-white
  2. Don’t wear anything scandalous
  3. If possible, don’t wear the same color as the bridesmaids

(I’ve never broken rules 2 and 3, FYI. Just thought I’d throw them in.)

Have you made any wedding guest fashion mistakes? Did you learn from it the next time around? Let me know in the comments!


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