Random Sunday: Forms of Exercise


Exercise. Not my favorite activity.

At least, not in the traditional ways.

Jogging? Nope. Going to gym? Yuck! (Just thinking about how many people used the treadmill before me is scary). Personally I applaud people who will get up early and go on a morning run, or hit the gym before work, because it takes a lot of motivation to do so!

How do I get my sweat on, then? By doing (easy to moderate) hikes. Being out in the open with scenery to look at is better than staring at a wall or risking falling from running downhill. Yes, there are dangers involved with hiking–such as slipping off the side of the mountain if you’re not careful–but I’ll take climbing over rocks and streams over strenuous exercise any day. Plus, I have a nice time getting fit. It doesn’t feel like exercise. I also walk every so often.

What do you do for exercise? Do you walk, hike or swim? Or do you like the traditional gym? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Random Sunday: Forms of Exercise

    • If I weren’t so scared of heights I’d add rock climbing to my exercise list! Kudos to you for doing something daring! 🙂

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