Food Friday: Spam Jam 2016



It’s a staple food in Hawaii, and it was shown love this past Friday at the Waikiki Spam Jam, where restaurants and the Hawaii community come together to celebrate the beloved meat. This year, 28,000 people ate a variety of Spam dishes such as Spam fried rice and ahi Spam katsu, purchased Spam merchandise and enjoyed entertainment from 4pm-10pm.

I dragged my boyfriend with me and we were in the thick of the crowd when we arrived at night. We checked out the three blocks of food and craft booths lined along both sides of the street before stopping at the end and watched some entertainment. We walked back to the starting point and stopped to buy Hard Rock Cafe’s Spam macaroni and cheese balls. Unfortunately, it was spicy and the texture was mushy. Not a good one. My boyfriend ate the rest and I went looking for something else.

Behold Seafood Village’s Spam shumai (dumplings). Soft, with chunks of spam in the middle and tasty and small enough to eat in one bite (I tried to anyway). We agreed that that was much better. Since he ate all of the mac and cheese, I got to eat the rest of the dumplings.

The most memorable part of the night was trying to figure out where two people bought huge slices of cake. It looked like an ice cream cake, with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge drizzled over it. The search ended but resumed Sunday afternoon where we discovered the cake was from Duke’s Waikiki, and they were serving it at Spam Jam. (We “plan” to go there, not set yet).

We stayed until 8:30 or so and I thought the event was pretty good. Didn’t get to try as many foods as I wanted because the lines were long and there wasn’t anything else I found interesting but overall it was a fun time.


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