Career Wednesday: To Apply or Not to Apply


I was shown a job for a corporate communications writer and while there was a lot of responsibility I thought that I could handle it, until I read that the company required a “minimum of 7 years of communications and/or public relations experience…”

My eyes widened.

MINIMUM 7 years of experience!!!

With a sigh I knew right then that the job was out of my reach and searched more.

I found an open position for an email marketing specialist and while I have experience in marketing (social media), I’m not too well versed in the skills the company is looking for. I know the gist of them but haven’t worked with the software closely. As I was working on my resume I was having second thoughts about applying.

I thought that there had to be people who applied to jobs that were a little beyond their reach and at least secured an interview. To help guide me I Googled and found an article by Forbes which stated that while it’ll be a waste to apply to a position that required seven years experience but you only have two, apply to jobs where it’ll be easy to fill in any gaps you’re concerned about (specific skills, for example).

That made me feel slightly better, knowing that the skills and knowledge the position asked for could be learned beforehand.

Then, I found this comforting article from The Muse (which was where the Forbes article came from, but with different content), and Fear #2 spoke to me. The quotes in that section made me relax and I realized that everyone is not going to meet every single requirement that’s listed on a job ad. There’s no way.

So, with those articles and a new perspective, I decided to apply to the position. I didn’t submit anything yet but will soon.

Have you applied to a job that was out of your reach and either landed an interview or the position? If so, how did you make yourself look like a strong candidate? Let me know in the comments!


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