Random Sunday: Getting up Early


I’m not a morning person. I move like a turtle and am constantly yawning while driving to work. After 9am I’ll be ready to go, but before then, no way. Unfortunately, my body is used to waking up early (for work I’m up at 5am). On weekends I get up at 7am (who does that?) I like my sleep but my body has other ideas.

But there are people who are early risers: who exercise at 6am or love waking up with the sun. In Hawaii people are up early because that’s the prime time to go hiking (not as hot and crowded), fishing (the best spots aren’t taken) and, if heading to the North Shore for a surfing competition in the winter, to beat the traffic and get a prime view of the action.

So the early bird does get the worm…if the bird REALLY wants it. Me, I don’t want it but there’s nothing I can do.

Are you a morning person? What’s your reason for waking up early? Let me know in the comments!


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