Food Friday: My Other Cooking Inspiration


It’s a fact that Giada is my food inspiration, but I also have another one: my boyfriend. He makes simple things like tacos but they’re good. According to him, he can make anything, just nothing fancy.

He learned how to cook mostly by following recipes on the Internet, but also by his mom and grandma. He can boil, fry, bake, etc. The only thing he can’t do is grill, but he can do everything else so not knowing how to use a grill is perfectly fine with me.

Since he lives in such an expensive place, with a rent of $1,600 that’s split between him and his roommate, he makes his own dinner almost every night. It varies, from a simple ham and cheese sandwich to a creative take on a potato (which he cooked with carrots and spinach with taco seasoning then topped with cheese and sour cream). Once in a while he’ll eat out, but most of the time he’s making something.

He’s good with cooking, but it’s his baked goods that I love and am most impressed by: he makes things from scratch. He makes brownies from scratch because he doesn’t like the texture of the boxed mix. The same goes for lemon blondies. Tried both and really liked them. I got him to give me the recipes. 🙂

The fact that I have someone who is really into cooking inspires me to cook/bake more too. I don’t do it enough but because of him I might be starting to.


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