Career Wednesday: Eating Lunch with Coworkers


I eat lunch at my desk. I know, it’s a bit sad, but most of my coworkers are off doing their own thing at lunch anyway. Once in a great while I’ll take a walk with my coworker friend but she’s out of the office most days (during the first few weeks of work we ate lunch together though). I miss those days…

I digress. I like my lunch hour to myself actually, but it’s nice to have someone to share it with sometimes. Plus it goes by so quickly that before I know it it’s back to work so I might as well just stay at my desk (am I crazy?)

How many of you ask coworkers to lunch? If you do, how often does it happen?


3 thoughts on “Career Wednesday: Eating Lunch with Coworkers

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  2. In some of my previous workplaces it was just a habit to go to lunch with my coworkers. We’d be very regular about the time we headed out, and have a meeting point so you could just drop in. I quite liked it: I think the extra human interaction was good for me. There’s also been times when I’ve got out to lunch with a specific colleague ~once per month.

    You could always frame it as “let’s check out this new restaurant”, “let’s celebrate [holiday or occasion]” as a way of inducing your coworkers to come along. If they’re usually busy with stuff at lunchtime then planning a date in advance might be a good idea.

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