Random Sunday: Being a Good Friend


I have three awesome friends who I know I can confide in, be myself around and just have a good time with. I know a lot of people, but they’re only acquaintances: People who I only talk to once in a while on Facebook or something. Would I hang out with them? No.

Now, I’m not the perfect friend but I make an effort to establish contact once a week or so, if not to go out and do something then to just check on them and see how they’re doing. Sometimes I feel that two of them can do the same for me. I understand everyone’s busy with school or work, but it’s not THAT difficult to send a “hey, what’s up?” text, right? I always have to initiate contact. But, oh well.

I came across a blog post titled “Are You a Good Friend?” and while I read it to evaluate where I ended up on the “good friend” scale, these two friends of mine can certainly do the same.

So, take a peek at it and ask yourself, “Am I a good friend?” Then evaluate the friends that you have against this article. Do you need to do a friendship overhaul/intervention?


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