Career Wednesday: Working on Holidays


This past week I had to work on Veteran’s Day, which was a holiday for everybody. The good thing was that there was no traffic coming and going home but it would’ve been nice to have a day off.

When I told someone that I work half day on Christmas and New Years Eves he was surprised. When I saw the email about us going home at 12pm on those days I was surprised too, and disappointed. What other companies work on those days?! And it’s not like we’re gonna actually be WORKING…Besides, I was thinking of people who were going to be on vacation–they’re obviously not gonna be in on those two days. Plus, I feel bad because some departments have to stay until 5pm! (Hope that’s not my department…) It just doesn’t make sense to work on the eves because no one is going to be in the mood for it.

But, whatever.

How many of you work on holidays? What field are you in? Let me know in the comments!


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