Career Wednesday: Things to do on Your Lunch Break


I’m assuming most of you only have an hour lunch break, with 15 minute breaks throughout the day (at my company, we get a one hour lunch, with only TWO 15 minute breaks a day). Unless I’m wrong, are two 15 minute breaks a day too little?? Anyway, I usually don’t take the 15 minute breaks but I do take my full hour of lunch. I eat at my desk and then go for a walk. That’s it. I don’t do much else because 1pm comes pretty quickly.

I don’t remember where I read it, but I stumbled across an article with a list of break ideas to do at work and they were good suggestions, like keeping a work journal. Being a writer this one intrigued me the most because I never thought of keeping a journal solely for work, and I journal a lot for personal reasons so I’m used to it. Again, I can’t think of the article name but the idea of making the most out of your break(s) is genius! Google ‘what to do on your break at work’ and you’ll find lists full of ideas to make your lunch break (or even the 15 minutes ones) more enjoyable.

What do you do on your lunch break besides the usual eating? Let me know in the comments!


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