Career Wednesday: Toxic Coworkers


This past week has been rough. Without getting into detail I’m starting to realize if I want to survive in the office, I have to play the game. While I take responsibility for what and how a comment was said a co-worker is still not happy. I’m going to fix myself for the sake of getting on my supervisor’s good side again but need to find a balance between not saying too much and not saying too little (and how).

Today I just read an article in the New York Times titled “Why Women Compete With Each Other,” and this paragraph stood out to me:

A good amount of research has been done on female competitiveness, both in condescending and eye-opening ways. A literature review by Tracy Vaillancourt in 2013 found that women by and large express indirect aggression toward other women, and that aggression is a combination of “self-promotion,” making themselves look more attractive, and “derogation of rivals,” being catty about other women.

By being a tattletale to my supervisor and other things, my coworker is the definition of doing indirect aggression. I do worry that she’s gonna start talking about me to more coworkers (she’s already done this once, loud enough so I could hear) and destroy my chances of getting the full-time position that I applied to. So, in order for that to NOT happen, I need to be extra nice to her.

This isn’t how I envisioned office work to be like…but oh well.

How do you deal with toxic coworkers? Let me know in the comments.


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