Career Wednesday: Being Friends with Coworkers


Okay, maybe you won’t be “friends” with your coworkers, but acquaintances are better than nothing right? My department is small (no more than 10 people) so it’s really easy for us to get to know one another and since we’re often paired to go out scanning there’s plenty of opportunity to make a great working relationship among everyone. Also, since our cubicles are close to each other it’s easy to pop by and say hi, which is something I do when I don’t want to go back to work JUST yet haha!

After coming back from an office with my coworker today, I was taking stock on which ones I felt comfortable around, who I can easily talk and joke around with, and it’s mostly the girls, and one guy. (My manager and supervisor don’t count, even though I can, thankfully, chat with them). Everyone is helpful and nice, and I’m happy to be a part of the best department in our company.

Are you buddies with your coworkers? Or do you want to keep them as colleagues and not much else? Let me know in the comments!


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