Food Friday: Eat the Street


The last Friday of the month Honolulu has an event called Eat the Street, which is a bunch of local food trucks and tents selling their specialties. All Eat the Street events has a theme such as chocolate and bacon, and it’s very popular. So popular that it’s gone to Mililani and Pearl City to serve west and central Oahu. I’ve always wanted to go but didn’t have anyone to go with…until tonight.

I took my dad to this month’s Eat the Street, because it was going to coincide with the opening of Street Grindz’s new food truck business Tasters & Makers. Not only that, but tonight was going to feature the “best of” Eat the Street from themes chocolate, bacon and garlic. I was NOT going to miss it and to my surprise my dad was all for it.

We ate quite a bit, from stuffed won ton’s at Paul’s Popper’s to fried spam musubi and Oreo’s from Hawaii’s Fried Musubi. It was CROWDED but there was plenty of food to go around and no one got lost in the shuffle. There was live entertainment and it was just really neat to see so many local food places. I definitely have to go to Paul’s Poppers: I bookmarked it on Yelp haha.

I’m all for supporting local business and Eat the Street is a tasty and fun way to do it. These people work hard so it’s important that they get recognized for it. (The lines for Paul Popper’s, Fresh Catch, and a few other trucks/tents was constantly long, and that’s a good thing).

Do you have local food events where you live? If so, have you ever gone/wanted to go? Let me know in the comments!


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