Food Friday: Home Lunch


Before I started working, I thought about bringing my own lunch. One reason was that I didn’t know how many places there were to eat in and around my building. The second (and most important) reason was so I can cook more, since I’d need to plan ahead and find recipes and things like that. I haven’t brought home MADE lunch to work, but prepackaged food, aka Lunchables. My dad bought a lot so I decided to finish those first. My coworker/new office buddy has so far brought home lunch: leftover spaghetti with garlic bread, or a sandwich. There are a few other people who also bring lunch from home.

Most people think that bringing a lunch to work is not cool. It’s easier to buy something from the food truck on the street than cook food the night before and pack it in the morning because they’re pressed for time. I don’t know, I can see both sides of the debate but ultimately think brown bagging it to work is better (hello, you save money!)

What about you? Do you bring your own lunch to work or purchase a plate everyday? For those who bring in lunch, what are some tips to make your home lunch not boring? Let me know in the comments!


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