Career Wednesday: First Week at Work

Okay, so the week’s not over yet, but so far work is alright: All I’m doing is scanning patient charts to the appropriate doctor’s files (majority of the time) & logging the charts into the system, and putting doctor’s letters together for patients. One of my co-worker’s said that it was a busy time and right now it’s gonna be a little boring.

However, everybody is nice and helpful, especially my supervisor and the manager, and I made a new friend in one of the new hires who also started on Monday and sits in the cubicle next to me (I have my own CUBICLE!!!) So far we’ve been eating lunch together and yesterday she invited herself to my post-lunch walk.

Waking up early isn’t fun (my eyes are getting heavy as I’m typing this) but my mom said I’ll get used to it. When she picked me up on Monday she told me, “Welcome to the rat race!”

So, so far, so good.



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