Food Friday: Accidental Recipes


So, “Cooking Friday” has been changed to “Food Friday.” It sounded better and also because some of these Friday posts don’t talk about me cooking.

Anywho, have you ever set out to make something but the finished product was totally different? That happened to me on Wednesday, when I wanted to make a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. Since I didn’t know when our slices of cheese were bought, I decided to use shredded cheese instead because we had a lot of that in the fridge. I used Colby and Montery Jack blend since we didn’t have cheddar.

Now don’t laugh…but I needed to follow a recipe to make the grilled cheese. (I hadn’t made one in YEARS). I was doing fine until I noticed that the cheese wasn’t melting. It donned on me that since I used shredded cheese, it seeped into the bread! So what I ended up with was cheesy bread!

And you know what? It was good! I wasn’t complaining about it. And I’m this much closer to knowing how to make Parmesan crusted toast because of this substitution.

Next time I make grilled cheese I’m going with the cheese slices, but I know how to make cheesy bread now. šŸ™‚

What “accidental” foods have you made due to substituting one food for another version of it? Let me know in the comments!


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