Random Sunday: Is Drinking Too Much Water a Bad Thing?


How many glasses of water do you drink a day? I try to get at least four: any less than that and I get a headache and don’t feel good. Ever since I started drinking more water I’ve been feeling pretty good, and my kidneys are in tip top shape because of it. But I also noticed that with my increased water intake that I use the bathroom more often. I know that’s apparent when drinking a lot of fluids, but it made me wonder if I was drinking too MUCH water.

I googled “is drinking too much water bad for you” and came across this article, which I had mixed feelings about after reading, especially the two myths that were debunked–being thirsty and having dark urine didn’t mean that you were dehydrated (I think my parents, who work in the medical field, will not agree with those).

There were other articles that echoed the same sentiments, even a Q & A about it from the New York Times. I know drinking too much water can kill you, but isn’t our body made up of 60% of the stuff? Doesn’t it make sense to drink at least six cups a day? What about dehydration? What about the color of our urine? Don’t those two matter in figuring out whether or not we’re drinking too much or not? What’s considered a “healthy” amount of water to keep things running/looking smoothly/normal?

Am I missing something here?

What are your thoughts? Do you believe the articles?


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