Career Wednesday: Internships


This is a nice start to July: I have an interview next week for a paid, part-time social media internship. The only internship I did was for Ohana Broadcast Company back in college and it was fun going out around Oahu, promoting our stations and the businesses that wanted us to help with their event, and interacting with the community. I only lasted for a year and six months, but by then the entire team was different and it wasn’t the same (literally and figuratively).

Internships can lead to a job, and it did for one of our promotions interns. Actually, one of the promotions assistants started out as an intern. For some reason I thought that was gonna happen to me but apparently not haha! Oh well, at least I got to see what working in radio was like.

But this internship will have me using my social media and promotions knowledge in the medical field, which is why I decided to apply for it. Let’s hope things go well! šŸ™‚


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