Cooking Friday: Cooking Should Not Be Complicated


I’m always looking for ways to make cooking easier. Besides finding easy recipes, I put out the ingredients and whatever cookware I need prior to starting, so that everything’s in clear sight. However, my parents like to make my cooking episodes into a long and often frustrating ordeal.

Take last night for example when I decided to make spaghetti. Simple, right? Only two ingredients (three if you count the salt to add flavor) along with a pot, strainer and spoon. I did my prep beforehand until my mom told me to use my dad’s cylindrical metal boiler to cook the pasta because “it’ll save water.” I don’t know what it’s called so I can’t post a picture of it, but it’s not ideal for pasta. (It has a steel basket, like this, but the sides are more open, which goes into a metal pot).

Cooking something as easy as pasta should NOT be that difficult! But taking my mom’s suggestion (instead of using a regular pot, like we always do) was a mistake. I had to break the pasta in half to make it fit, which I don’t like to do. The basket had a handle that went over the opening, so it kept getting in the way when I was stirring. Also, I lost some noodles thanks to the large openings. Even though it was easier to carry than a large pot, getting the pasta out of the basket was annoying–again, because of the openings. I really wish I had a picture to show you all what I mean! :/

When it was over I was so relieved. Next time I’m making pasta the correct way. It tasted just like how spaghetti should, but I won’t be making it in that tiresome way again haha.


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